Our Story

Our Mission

America’s Box – Because Made In America Means Something

America’s Box is committed to delivering everything our country stands for to your front door – freedom, heritage, tradition and American Spirit – American products made by American hands, because Made in America means something

About Us

In 2017, a small group of proud Americans were tired of companies deciding to outsource goods to other countries, killing American jobs and ultimately, our cherished American Spirit. 

They decided it was time to buy from and support our American workers and businesses – it was time, they thought, to once again support the American Dream and restore our American Spirit.

So, they sat down and like many people that want to create something special, thought "outside of the proverbial box", which ironically, led them back directly to shipping in a box. 

But this box is far from ordinary – this is America’s Box. It’s a shipped box to be proud of – chockfull of freedom, tradition, heritage and craftsmanship – a box that represents our grit, determination and spirit. American made, America’s Box consists of high quality, American made products constructed by American hands.  

Together, we can help these businesses thrive, creating a movement to buy American, reigniting our American Spirit and renewing our quest to seize the American Dream – because Made in America means something


Our Vision

To honor and strengthen our country by supporting American workers, companies, products and innovation – backing the American Dream today, tomorrow and for future generations to come.